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Between 2003 & 2008, Warehouse Wax released 12 records on vinyl, which, whilst having a very specific Old-Skool vibe, also utilized some very modern production techniques, giving the music more of an upfront flavor. Unbeknown to them at the time, they were inadvertently assisting in the creation of a new underground genre of dance music that would eventually become known as Hardcore Breaks. Now, after a short break, Warehouse Wax have re-launched themselves into todays digital marketplace. Still in keeping with the Old-Skool vibe that they’ve always had a great passion for, but also pushing forward with a new sound. A sound that is currently gathering momentum in the UK…

Known to some as Future Jungle and to others as 140 Jungle. Here at Warehouse Wax we don’t care what you call it, Hardcore Breaks, Rave Breaks, Jungle Breaks, whatever!!! It’s all just great music to us… Bass heavy music with a breakbeat as its driving force…

Warehouse Wax … Exactly how a modern dance music label should be!! 2012 is a big year for Breaks & Future Jungle, and guess what Warehouse Wax are still leading the revolution after a decade of pushing the Break Beat boundaries! - Billy 'Daniel' Bunter




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