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AUSTIN & VINYL JUNKIE feat. Rachel Wallace – Can’t Go Back VIDEO RELEASE

Austin & Vinyl Junkie


Can’t Go Back (Feat Rachel Wallace)


Warehouse Wax Music Ltd


Worldwide release date: 29TH August 2013


Catalogue Number: WHWM 014



There’s only one way to do nostalgia in this game: crafty creative references executed with forward-thinking contemporary techniques. Cue: Austin & Vinyl Junkie’s ‘Can’t Go Back’. A bright n’ breezy brainchild of three rave veterans, it acknowledges every nuance of our scene’s rich roots and influences while staring point blank into the future.


Whether your journey began in 89, 99 or 09, every element of this huge vocal smasher will resonate with you… Rachel Wallace’s soul-stirring vocals, spine-surging Baby D-style synths and subs, sharp, super-slamming breakbeats and on-point heavyweight production techniques: It’s a winning combination from a team who’ve been playing the rave game since day one. Austin and Rachel both earned their stripes on the legendary Suburban Bass imprint while Vinyl Junkie’s hard work with every rave brand and his own Warehouse Wax speaks for itself.



Remix-wise all thirsts are quenched with concentrated rave refreshment. Sanxion leads the charge with a bass tsunami that swells with breakbeat thunder before dropping into an acute halfstep and bass workout with switch-flipping glee. Elsewhere we find West Country bass baron Cottonmouth laying the halfstep smack down with more drama than three b2b Eastenders omnibuses. Primed with sizzling synth hooks, this is guaranteed to raise a lighter or 10 on your next floor.


Hungry for some wholesome air piano action? Then look no further than Maximus Baxter’s remix. Smelting classic piano heroics with nagging Mad Decent style mid-range riffery at a cool 130BPM, it’s a stunning example of future fusion.  Dom Almond, meanwhile, will feed your fix for stomping 4/4 action. Uncompromising and unabashed, it’s the ultimate peaktime bullet with the perfect balance of trance and electro elements, underpinning by a weighty, infectious rhythm.


Last but definitely not least, Held 2 Ransom boss Strange Rollers steps up and hosts a sterling Future Jungle masterclass. Delivered with a muscular dynamic, the skippy breakbeats, lush synths and Rachel’s powerful vocal build to an overwhelming crescendo allowing the epic pianos to take the lead once again.


Six nods back to rave’s glory days… Six reasons why the scene is still in exceedingly capable hands. There’s no going back, but with players like the Warehouse Wax crew onside, there’s no need to go back!


Austin & Vinyl Junkie Feat Rachel Wallace

1: Can’t Go Back 2: Sanxion Remix 3: Cottonmouth Remix 4: Maximus Baxter Remix 5: Dom Almond Remix 6: Strange Rollers Remix

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